Workshop on Modern Scientific Computing/PhD school on How To Scale Scientific Applications from Laptops to Supercomputers with PETSc?

, 2016: (see PETSc2016) with Computational Scientist Karl Rupp

PhD school on Iterative Solution of Large Linear Systems, 2014: (see ITSOL2014) with Prof. C. T. Kelley.

DTU Courses in parallel programming

PhD summer school in Nodal Discontinuous Galerkin Finite element Methods 2012

Course material (2011):


Seminar on Modern Scientific Computing Trends

GPU Computing Today and Tomorrow

August 18, 2011. Workshop on "GPU Computing Today and Tomorrow" with short research highlights from GPUlab and partners. Invitation.


PhD School in Iterative Methods for Large Linear Systems

Course material (2011):

PhD School in Scientific GPU Computing

Course material (2011):

Examples of student projects completed as a part of the PhD School in 2011

  • CUDA and OpenCL implementations of 1D Flexible Finite Dierence Methods
  • Similarity Calculations in clustering of streaming data
  • Performance of parallel sum reduction in CUDA and OpenCL
  • Cupic Spline Interpolation on the GPU
  • Non-bonded energy calculation on the GPU
  • LDDKBM integration on GPUs
  • An application of GPU programming to block triangular matrices
  • GPU-based Forward Projection in Cone-Beam CT
  • GPU accelerated calculation of the effective electron-phonon density of states
  • GPU implementation of Maximum Likelihood Localization of Multiple Sources by Alternating Projection
  • Non-linear Least Squares Problems
  • FFT strategy exploration for hybrid solver on GPU

Course material (2010):

Examples of student projects completed as a part of the PhD School in 2010

  • Flexible-order finite difference computations
  • The Poisson problem
  • Implementation of the Lattice Boltzmann Method on GPU
  • Segmented line extraction
  • Large-scale primal SVM training in CUDA
  • Gaussian process regression using GPUs
  • Performing measurements for comparing 3D observations with a generative human model
  • Sparse matrix-vector techniques for finite difference operations using CUDA
  • Realtime-ish ray tracer in CUDA
  • Sparse octree computation on the GPU
  • CudaVox: a voxel terrain renderer
  • Implementing a feature detector in CUDA
  • k-means clustering on a GPU
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