Proposed projects

A list of proposed projects for BSc or MSc students are listed below. All proposed projects are related to the use of GPUs for scientific computations. If you are a student and are interested in defining alternative projects, feel free to contact us.

  • Interactive topology optimization (in collaboration with Ole Sigmund (DTU MEK)). [LINK]
  • Fast Large-scale Banded Solver on the GPU (in collaboration with RESON A/S). [LINK]
  • Sparse matrix computations in genome-wide association studies (in collaboration with GenoKey). [LINK]

Completed M.Sc. Projects

  • Christian Moesgaard. Massively Parallel Nonlinear Multigrid on Modern Architectures. 2015. (Collaboration between DTU Compute and Lloyds Register Consulting)
  • Wojciech Pawlak. Software design for portable and scalable scientific calculations on modern and emerging heterogeneous many-core architectures. 2014.
  • Andreas Hussing. Implementing exact methods for discrete optimization on a GPU. 2014. (Collaboration between DTU Management and DTU Compute)
  • Michael Salvador Svanholm. Implementing metaheuristics using GPU programming. 2014. (Collaboration between DTU Management and DTU Compute)
  • Østerbye, Frederik. GPU-Based Analysis of Genome-Wide Data. 2013. (In collaboration with GenoKey.)
  • Udsholt, Jakob. Real-Time Rendering of Procedurally Generated Volumetric Models. 2013. [LINK]
  • la Cour Christensen, M., and Eskildsen, K. L. Nonlinear Multigrid for Efficient Reservoir Simulation. 2012. (Collaboration with Shlumberger, UK) [LINK]
  • Kristensen, Martin Skytte. Rendering of Navigation Lights. 2012. (In collaboration with FORCE Technology.) [LINK]
  • Nielsen, Allan S. Feasibility Study of the Parareal Algorithm. 2012. (Collaboration with Brown University, USA) [LINK]
  • Tomczak, Lukasz Jaroslaw. GPU Ray Marching of Distance Fields. 2012. [LINK]
  • Larsen, Christian Thode. Modelling and Rendering of Teeth: A Study in Sub Surface Scattering. 2011. (In collaboration with 3Shape.) [LINK]
  • Madsen, Morten Gorm. Acceleration of a Non-Linear Water Wave Model Using a GPU. 2010. [LINK]
  • Gislason, Edvald Ingi. Radiative Transfer in Reflection Nebulae. 2010. [LINK]
  • Høstergaard, Martin, and Gade-Nielsen, Nicolai Fog. Implementation and Evaluation of Fast Computational Methods for High-Resolution ODF Problems on Multi-Core and Many-Core Systems. 2010. [LINK]
  • Biskup, Michal. GPU-Based Acceleration of a Water Wave Model. 2010. [LINK]

Completed B.Sc. Projects

  • Mieritz, Andreas. GPU-Acceleration of Linear Algebra using OpenCL. 2012. [LINK]
  • Peter Edward Aackermann and Peter J. Dinesen Pedersen. Development of a GPU-accelerated MIKE 21 Solver for Water Wave Dynamics. 2012. (Collaboration with DHI Group) [LINK]
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