Ph.D. School in

Scientific GPU Computing

Copenhagen, 23 to 27 May 2011

Exercise and lecture materials

The lecture slides is avilable from here.

The sheet of paper with practical information handed out in the beginning is here

User guides for labs

If you need the binaries for the NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK, they are available here.

  Tim's exercises: and

For the follow-up project (formally corresponding to roughly 1 week of fulltime work):

We suggest that you either pick a

  • standard project (with files defined by us, or
  • project of your own choice with a clear project scope and estimated time frame to be accepted by us. This will make it possible for you to suggest and define a project closer to your own interests.
  • Requirements, etc. (Slides)

The deadline for handing in the follow-up project report (Slides) is Monday 13 June 2011 (at noon) unless you arranged otherwise with us. Submit your work by e-mail to Allan (apek (at) If you choose to do a follow-up project different from the standard project, please let us know before Wednesday 25 Maj.

Note that to complete the project access to a programmable GPU is required.

Ph.D. School in Scientific GPU Computing, Richard Petersens Plads, DTU - Building 321, DK-2800 Lyngby